You are a baby
Adult Baby Lifestyle Training
Baby Johnny Rules
1.) Live as a cute 18 month old Baby Boy 24/7.
​2.) Do not lie to Nanny, obey, and respect her.
​3.) Wear a diaper 24/7, use it,  and submit to diaper changes by Nanny.
​4. Eat baby food vegetables three times a week.
​5. Do not consume alcohol, tobacco, or drugs.
​6. Go to sleep in crib on Nanny's command.
​7. Do not use forbidden word list.
​8. Do not drink soda without nanny's premission.
​9. Make effort to weigh less than 130 lbs.
​10. Wear GPS Leash 24/7.
​11. While Driving, no texting and wear seatbelt.
12. In presence of Nanny, act like a baby in both public or private settings.
​13. Particpate in all baby activities assigned by Nanny.
​14. Work on assigned submissive objectives.
​​​15. If temporary escape from babyhood is needed, use safeword.

About Baby Johnny
Submissive to Nanny Since Sept 21, 2017

My name is Johnny. I am an eighteen month old baby boy.  I am a submissive to both my Mommy and Nanny.  I am not potty trained and wear a diaper 24/7.  Nanny is the best ever. She gives baby lots of attention and always tries to make sure baby is a happy little boy. 

I first met Nanny at work in March 2017. After a few months, I introduced her to my adult baby lifestyle. She began to feed me on my lunch break. As our relationship grew closer, I signed a contract to be the personal submissive baby of Nanny. I would love to meet new little friends.  Please consider submitting to Nanny.  It will be the best decision you ever made and we will have tons of fun together.


Baby Details

Name: Johnny

Parent: Mommy.  Daddy is a deatbeat.

Age: 18 Months

Favorite Baby Food: Bananas

Favorite Stuffed Animals:  Fluffy, Talls, & Elmo

Submissive Objectives

​Live as the cutest little baby boy as much as possible.

Help nanny with her career development.

Run errands for Nanny as requested.